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Website Design Portfolio: YAM Coaching  by Yannick Morand
Website Design Portfolio: YAM Coaching  by Yannick Morand

I’m excited to share my latest website -  for Yannick Morand from YAM Coaching.

You can check out his website here: www.yam.coach

Yannick is a Life Coach based in Switzerland and works with people in his local area. It was the first website I have designed and built in a different language (the website is in French). It was fun learning a bit of French along the way :)

The website is built with WordPress using the Divi theme, which I customised to match his branding and requirements, making sure that the website is just the way he wanted.  


YANNICK's Testimonial

Website Design Portfolio: YAM Coaching  by Yannick Morand
I hired Risa when I needed a new website for my coaching business.

When I first found her I had no idea about her experience or reliability, but seeing the previous websites she had created gave me the assurance that she had the qualifications to do the job.

Throughout the design process she provided loads of helpful suggestions and recommendations and I really appreciated her responsiveness, positive attitude and the actions she took when facing a challenge.

Would I recommend hiring her? Yes of course!
— Yannick Morand, YAM Coaching



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