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Website Design Portfolio: Natrually Risa - Eat Live Yoga
Website Design Portfolio: Intuitive Coach Online by Diana Bianchi

I'm proud to reveal my latest web design project.

You can check out her website and find out more here: www.intuitivecoachonline.com

It was a lovely experience working with Diana Bianchi, the founder of Intuitive Coach Online.

She is an Intuitive Coach based in Switzerland. She offers various intuitive readings and coaching packages. I received some of her readings and I have to say they were so insightful and have helped me build my business more intuitively.

The website is built with WordPress using the Divi theme, which I customised to match her personality and she went for a feminine look and feel. Diana came to me with so many ideas and we worked together to reduce these down and direct them into the current design and content.

As Diana has recently started her coaching business I have been able to work with her to develop  a number of elements of her site and business such as guidance on sale page content and structure.

She has been an amazing, passionate client and I look forward to working with her in the future. She has kindly provided a testimonial for me to share.

Diana's Testimonial

Website Design Portfolio: Intuitive Coach Online by Diana Bianchi
If you choose to work with Risa you’ll have way more than just a simple web designer at your side. Risa acted really like a coach with me, giving me the time and providing the resources I needed - as I was just starting my new coaching practice.

She was always patient and very encouraging, teaching me step by step how to create the content I needed to provide : the building blocks for my website!

I learned some unexpected takeaways from her too. I adopted the wonderful productivity tool she’s using with her clients, Asana, which is working miracles for my own work organisation. The use of the communication tool ZOOM, which I employ in my own sessions now, and a perfectly nomad work platform, Google Drive, from which I share my sessions recordings with my clients!

I strongly recommend her to both those at the start of their online journey and also to the most seasoned holistic practitioners, for her skills and her flexibility will be able to meet your demands.

Risa has left a deep imprint on my business, as she really helped me get started at a time of great confusion: with all of the technical tools in front of me I wasn’t able to imagine that I could manage them all! She brings simplicity and clarity where confusion and clutter reigns!

Thank you Risa, thank you so much! It was a wonderful journey with you at my side. I definitely look forward continuing our working relationship.
— Diana Bianchi, Founder of Intuitive Coach Online

If you want the same for your business please get in contact and we can talk through what you need and how I can help you.