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Website Design Portfolio: Natrually Risa - Eat Live Yoga
Website Design Portfolio: 2e Minds - Dayana Sanchez

I’m super excited to share my most recently completed website with you..

My client was Day - an education specialist, a Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach and the founder of 2e Minds. She is a former school psychologist and now works with parents to guide twice-exceptional (2e) children identify their strengths, embrace their learning differences, and build essential skills to thrive and tap into their highest potential.

You can check out her website and find out more here: www.2eminds.com

I really enjoyed working with Day and building her site. The website is neat and professional - tailored to attract her target audience. It’s also easy to navigate and you will be able to find what you are looking for instantly -  so it’s perfect for a busy parent.

I’m pretty certain that you can take away a lot of inspiration from her website!

The website is built with WordPress using Enfold theme which I customised to match her brand and make it just the way Day wanted it to look :)

Day's Testimonial

Website Design Portfolio: 2e Minds - Dayana Sanchez
I’m so lucky and grateful to have found Risa! I don’t think I have enough space to provide all the praise I want to give Risa. She is amazing!!

Working with her has been a wonderful experience. First, she is the most patient person I have ever worked with. I’m very picky and a big perfectionist, so throughout the website design process, I always had things I wanted to change around and I would constantly change my mind about small details. Risa never minded changing or tweaking things or trying different things until I was completely happy with every aspect of the design.

Second, she is very knowledgeable and experienced in website design. I was very impressed with her technical skills. She always had a way to fix issues and when there was no way, she would create one!

Third, Risa was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Whenever I had a question about anything related to web design, coding, or even business development, Risa was always there happy to help and provide great insights.

Because I’m fairly new to the online world, I always had multiple questions about everything and Risa was always happy to help. Sometimes she would go out of her way to provide information and guidance on things that I needed help with. She always had great suggestions about applications or plugins that would improve my business.

Finally, Risa is the sweetest designer to work with. She has a great, positive attitude in everything she does. Communicating with her was always easy and smooth. She loves what she does and she is great at it. This shows in the product she delivers. I’m so happy I chose Risa’s services for my website design and I would recommend her to anyone!
— Dayana Sanchez, 2e Minds

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