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Website Design Portfolio: Natrually Risa - Eat Live Yoga
Website Design Portfolio: Sam Chillcott Coaching

I’m honoured to have worked with Sam Chilcott, a Life Coach who has a passion for travel. He has visited 63 countries (!) and is always planning for a new trip. In fact, he was travelling around (both in the UK and overseas) while we were working together to build his website.

He is a proud minimalist and you will see this reflected in his website design. He wanted a site that was clean and functional.

If you’re an aspiring Digital Nomad, Remote Worker or Expat looking for clarity, a plan of action and results, he could be your guy!  

You can check out his website and find out more here: www.samchillcott.com

The website is built with WordPress using the Divi theme with minimum customization to respect his minimalist approach.

Sam's Testimonial

Website Design Portfolio: Sam Chillcott Coaching
I’m Sam from England (but been living in Colombia) and I have recently made the transition from NGO work to Coaching. There is a similar theme between the two in as much as they both ‘help people’. I work predominantly with Digital Nomads, Remote Workers and Expats as travel is my passion.

Before I met Risa, I had a very basic Wordpress “site” with just enough information to point potential clients to. After talking to Risa, I realised the importance of having a professional web presence and came up with a list of things I would like on my updated site including a sleek design, calls to action, opt ins and testimonials.

Risa was extremely professional to work with and the system she uses to get the work done together was really efficient. As well as having checklists within the software, Risa had advice and articles to help guide what I wanted to create. The thing that impressed me most was that the articles with the best advice were her own so she really knows her stuff AND walks the walk.

Communication was great, whenever I had a question, it was answered clearly and swiftly and she worked around my schedule which I was very appreciative of.

I’ll admit, I did have a slight concern that I would be inheriting a site with no idea how to update or edit but the handover process was a lot simpler than I expected and we walked through everything I needed to know and also, what I thought I may need in the future. I have learnt so much from Risa and in the future I am looking to create a more professional automated sales funnel with lead magnets and content upgrades (two terms I didn’t know about before I met Risa!)

One of the best things I learnt about was SEO and keywords. I had heard about them before but never really looked into it. After creating a few blog posts for my site, I realised the potential benefits of SEO and now use it in all my content. It’s not black magic, just a handful of guidelines that can get you more traffic.

I am now really proud of my site and cannot recommend Risa highly enough. She knows about all aspects of web design and SEO but has the ability to explain the complexities to newbies like myself. If you don’t believe me, just go look at her site, it ticks all the boxes for a modern and efficient website...
— Sam Chillcott Coaching

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