Top 5 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

I love listening to podcasts during my walk to Yoga class or on my commute to my co-working space. Even with all the hype around  live videos in the online business world, I prefer listening to podcasts as I can actually download them on my phone  and listen to them on the move (and on the Tube - the London underground).

 Business & Marketing Tips: Top 5 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs - Listen and learn how to grow your business


I like it when the podcasters have a mixture of a solo show and interviews. I do like interviews but many interviews can end up being too salesy (over-promoting their products) rather than practical and inspirational.  

I’ve listened to many podcasts over the past few years but here are my top 5 favorite podcasts that have inspired me and helped me grow my business.  


For Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs:

Whether you are just starting out or scaling up your business, The Bixchix Podcast hosted by Natalie Eckdahl will help you grow and expand your business! She is a Business Strategist & High Performing Coach for high-achieving female entrepreneurs.

I found this podcast recently and I love listening to it every week - she release a new episode every Thursday. She has a good mixture of solo shows and interviews and has over 300 episodes - get ready to binge listen!


Nail those Facebook ads:


If you are looking to learn about how to use Facebook ads Rick Mulready is the guy you’re looking for.

He hosts a regular podcast all about Facebook ads with case studies from is own and clients campaigns where you can learn the most up to date Facebook ads rules and strategies.


Improve your productivity:


I absolutely love The Productivity Straight Talk hosted by Amber De La Garza. Amber is a Productivity Specialist and helps entrepreneurs take consistent, focused action in business!

I have learnt from a couple of other productivity specialists in the past but I find Amber’s productivity tips much more practical and easy to implement. I highly recommend her podcast if you struggle to focus and take consistent action! She release a new episode every Monday. 


For service based business owners doing good in the world:


Jo Casey hosts an informative podcast especially for coaches with topics around coaching, marketing, mindset and coaching culture (be warned: some series are thought-provoking and controversial!).



Jo Casy also co-hosts a monthly episode with Holly Worton who also has her own podcast called The Business Mindset podcast which I also recommend.


For Online Course creators:


I’m not an online course creator and don’t host webinars, but I find Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast very helpful as she offers tons of great advice & tips (super detailed!) on content planning & marketing strategies.

I love her honesty and transparency in her business and you’ll definitely find her episodes inspiring whether you are a online course creator or service-based entrepreneur. Amy release a new episode every Thursday.

Do you listen to podcast? Let me know about your favourite podcast in the comments!

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