The Best Business Tools & Software to Grow Your Online Business

I created this page to share my recommended list of tools, software and resources that helped me grow and automate my online business. All of these tools, software and resources helped me work smarter and save a lot of time instead of doing things manually or figuring things out myself!

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won't list anything on this page that I haven't verified and/or personally used

 Online Business Tools, Software & Resources for Online Entrepreneurs


 Online Business Tools, Software & Resources to help grow and automate your online business


BlueHost is a web hosting services provider whose platform is built to complement and support small and medium-sized websites.

BlueHost works best with WordPress powered websites., BlueHost also offers a free domain so you don’t need to purchase your domain elsewhere such as GoDaddy.

You can get started from $3.95/month for a Basic Plan which I recommend when you are starting out. Click here to get started!


SiteGround is a web hosting services provider offers speed, functionality, and a number of useful add-on features.

The platform has three separate data centers located in the USA, Europe, and Singapore, which allows users the freedom to choose from three different locations for their website’s servers.

You can get started from £2.75/month (UK) or $3.98/month (US).  Click here to get started!


 Online Business Tools, Software & Resources to help grow and automate your online business


I purchase all my domain names through GoDaddy. If you selected BlueHost as your web hosting provider, you can get a free domain through when you set up your account with BlueHost so you don’t need to purchase your domain through GoDaddyClick here to purchase your domain today!


 Online Business Tools, Software & Resources to help grow and automate your online business


Having a custom domain email address is important as it makes you appear more professional.

I recommend signing up with G-Suite instead of going for the email software included in your web hosting provider as G-Suite comes with free 30GB cloud storage. 

You can get started with G-Suite from £3.30/month or £33/year (UK) and  $5/month or $50/year (US). Please contact Risa for a 20% off coupon code.



Email marketing service providers allow you to:

  • Build your mail list automatically (even whilst you sleep!)

  • Save you huge amounts of time

  • Take your email marketing to the next level

Here are some I would recommend:



This is my current email service provider and I highly recommend it if you are more of an advanced email marketer. ActiveCampaign has a great automation feature (where you can automate your marketing & sales email sequence) and you can easily segment your contacts based on their actions or behavior.

For example, if that contact opened a particular email and clicked the link to your sales page, you can automate an email reminder to be sent out to that particular contact about the service/product you are selling. It’s genius!

You can get started with ActiveCampaign from $9/month (if you have less than 500 contacts) or $17/month (500+ contacts). It also offers a 14 day free trial.   Click here to get started today!     



This is another great email service provider. I haven’t used ConvertKit personally but I have used it for my clients. 

ConvertKit has a great automation feature similar to Active Campaign and comes with 4 landing page templates and 3 opt-in form styles. You can get started from $29/months up to 1000 contacts. Click here to get started!



Create personalized landing pages to capture and build your mail list - no website needed:



LeadPages is a great, simple online tool that helps you create your landing page and collect emails.

You don’t even need to have your own website, but you will need an email service provider (see above). LeadPages offers many high-converting landing page templates to help you grow your mail list. You can also custom design your opt-in form for your blog post or your website side bar. I also use it to create my thank you page, sales page for my services & products and for hosting a free email course (you can upload videos on LeadPages templates too!). It also offers an animated countdown timer you can add on your landing or sales page which is amazing if you are planning a big (or small) launch! 

All in all, I highly recommend LeadPages and you can get started from $37/month. I know I know… it’s an investment but it’s totally worth it!  

Build your email list FAST with this quiz builder:

 Online Business tools, software and resources for entrepreneurs 


Interact is the easiest way to build a quiz online. Creating quizzes is a fun and interacting way to build your email list.

Interact integrates with all the email marketing service providers out there and allows you to set up your first quiz within minutes. They even have template you can from to make it super easy for you!

Creating quizzes is a fun and interacting way to build your email list. Interact integrates with all the email marketing service providers out there and allows you to set up your first quiz within minutes. They even have template you can select from to make your quiz creation process super easy for you! You can use these templates as they are or tweak them to make it your own. 

You can get started with Interact from $29/month. Read my blog and set up your first quiz!



Automate your Pinterest scheduling:



This is great piece of scheduling software for Pinterest. Upping your Pinterest is a must for all entrepreneurs if you want to grow your audience and build your mail list organically and ultimately make more sales.

Pinterest can help you drive traffic to your website to read the amazing content you created for your audience (e.g. blog posts).

BUT to get the best results from Pinterest, you’ll need a little help from Tailwind. It offers a range of features such as scheduling and looping multiple pins to your own and other group boards.  Tailwind also offers Browser Extension which you can easily create multiple posts from any sites and allows you to repin with one click.

You can also join the Tailwind Tribes in your niche and share relevant content and grow your reach faster.  

You can get started for free up to 100 pins and then $9.99/month (if signed up annually) with unlimited posts or $15.99/month for 400 pins a month on monthly plan.  Click here to get started today!  

Instagram scheduling & analysis:



I have used Later to schedule Instagram posts. It’s a great scheduling and analytics tool for Instagram and I would recommend Later if you are using Instagram as a primary social media platform to market your business.

This works via notification due to Instagram not allowing fully automated posting. You can get started free if you are only scheduling 1 post a day or $9/month for up to 100 posts a month.  



Allowing your audience to share your content easily is a great way to build your business.  These are some tools that make it simple:



I use Shareaholic to create a “share button” on my blog posts. You can customize your share button to match your brand. It also offers great analytics on your content views and sharing.

The great thing is that you can get started for free for basic users!



I use Click to Tweet to generate a link where my audience can then share my blog post or my free e-book/guide to their followers on Twitter.

Click to Tweet lets you pre-write a tweet and then generate a link. The link will take your audience to their Twitter page with the tweet already written for them therefore all they need to do is to click “tweet” button to share your content.

It’s free for up to 5 links or $4.99/month for unlimited links.



I use Share Link Generator to generate a Facebook share link on my free e-book/guide and landing pages, where my audience can easily share with their friends on Facebook.

You can also use Share Link Generator to generate “click to tweet” links.


Analysis sounds boring, but to build your business you need to understand your audience and these tools help you do this easily and effectively:

(P.S. I love analysis – but maybe that’s just me!)



This is a great analytic tool for Instagram where you can track and monitor different key metrics to learn about your posting habits and your followers.

The great thing about Iconosquare that it has a comments tracker tool where you can read and reply to comments, mark them as “read” or “unread” and delete inappropriate comments. You can also schedule your posts.

You can get started from $9/months for up to 30 posts a month. It also offers a 14 day free trial. 



Get the conversation going:



This allows your readers to comment on your blog posts. I use Disqus for my blog comments as it looks much better than the standard comment box that comes with your website platform and it supports both desktop and mobile device.

Make it a pleasure for your readers to respond to your posts. You can sign up for free!



Automate your bookings and watch your diary fill:




I recommend Acuity Scheduling for new coaches and other service based business owners as you can sign up for free. It doesn’t give you many great features like Satori.

You could also sign up for $10/months which will enable to customize to suit your brand and automatic appointment reminders. Click here to get started!



This is the best scheduling software I’ve known and it’s especially set up coaches. You can create multiple offers and send a specific link to your clients to schedule an appointment.

You can also create an agreement (contract) and invoice each client. Satori integrates well with Google and Outlook calendars to ensure your availability is up to date and avoids any double booking.

You can get started with $29/months up to 20 active agreements. It also offers a 30 day free trial! 



Taking payments, made easy:



This service allows you to receive recurring and one-time online payments. You can create a multiple payment forms and generate a link for each form which you can then send it out to your clients or create a payment button for your website.

You can add “terms & conditions” within the form which they will then need to agree before making a payment.

The great thing about Moonclerk is that you can integrate with your email service provider and add customer’s details to a selected mail list when they purchase a particular product. Therefore if you are selling multiple digital products, you can automate an email to be sent out to deliver the product (saves lot of time!).

I use Moonclerk in conjunction with Stripe to accept one-time payments and recurring payments. Monthly subscriptions apply based on your volume of payment received. For example it charges $15/months up to $2,000.



Stripe is the payment processor that MoonClerk (amongst others) uses to process all payments.

I use Stripe to receive secure payments online for all my services and products. It integrates well with other software and the great thing about Stripe is that you can take payment via phone.

It’s free to set up but it charges a percentage-based fee each time you accept a credit or debit card payment – 1.4% + €0.25for European cards.2.9% + €0.25for non-European cards.



Effectively manage and keep track of your finances:



I use Wave for tracking my income and expense and invoicing my clients. It can connect with your bank account so you don’t need to manually track your expenditure.

Just make sure you set up a business account that receive all payments and pay for all your expenses and Wave will take care of it! You can sign up for free.


Understand your audience. Don’t guess – ask them:


I use TypeForm to create all my survey forms. You can sign up for free and it enables to create a beautiful form to match your brand.


I use JotForm for forms that require signing -  such as disclaimer forms. It’s also free to sign up and you’ll receive a notification when someone has completed the form.



Get creative – why using boring stock images, when you can create your own:

 BusinessOnline tools, software & resources for online entrepreneurs 


I use Canva to design simple graphics for images used for social media posts including Pinterest images. I also use Canva to create my free e-books and guides. It offers tons of templates to choose from and you can sign up for free!

 Business Online tools, software & resources for online entrepreneurs 


Logojoy is a Logo Maker which enables you to instantly generate beautiful, unique logo for your business. It's totally free to make your logos and you only pay for a design when you’re happy!

You can purchase your logo for $20 if you want a basic law resolution logo, or $65 for a premium package with high resolution logo (you'll also get one with transparent background and black & white version!) with full copyright and a brand guideline. You can also edit your re-design your logo if you change your mind and download it again for free. Click here to get started!



I use GIMP for more advanced graphics such as my logo design and some graphics used for my free products. GIMP is a bit like PhotoShop but a free version!



I use DocHub to create a fillable PDF for my workbooks and worksheets. It’s free to sign up!



I use PDFescape to insert links to PDF document after I added fillable boxes using DocHub. Basically DocHub and PDFescape do the work that Adobe Acrobat DC does but for free! 


Video content allows you to connect to your audience in a fresh way:



I use CyberLink for all my video editing. You can also record your screen so it’s great for recording presentations for e-courses. It’s paid software but they are always doing special promotions so it’s worth checking it out if you are looking for good video editing software. I highly recommend it.

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