How to market yourself and stand out in your niche

Are you a new or aspiring online entrepreneur wondering how you can market yourself and stand out in your niche? If that sounds like you, you are in the right place!

Business tips - How to market yourself and stand out in your niche

I attended a Marketing Summit in London a few months ago and I was blown away by some of the tips they gave us. They were all very simple, yet they were all necessary things you need to be doing if you want to stand out in the current market and compete with others in the same niche.

I am a Web Designer and Online Marketing Strategist, and as you know there are hundreds of them. But I know that I am different. I have a different background (meaning I don’t have a bachelor’s degree in business or psychology that many coaches have). I’m Japanese living in London running my own online coaching business – have you seen any Japanese women doing the same?

I have my own story that’s unique and I believe that this provides my clients with a fresh, unique perspective. I’m not perfect, but I love learning new things everyday and sharing these with others because I enjoy seeing people succeed in their lives doing what they love.    

You are selling yourself.  You are selling your passion. I truly believe everyone has their own unique story, unique abilities and unique gifts. So find them, use them and do what you truly love!    

So here are my biggest takeaways from the event.


This is so crucial. Without knowing exactly who your target audience is and the solutions you can provide them, you will not be able to market yourself effectively.

Write down everything you already know about your target audience. What are they struggling with? What sorts of problems they have that requires some expertise or systems that can help them solve those problems?  And why would they purchase services/products from the market you are operating in? The best way to find out why someone would choose to purchase your services or products over competitors is to interview or survey your target audience.


What is your key message? What can you offer that nobody else is offering? Meaning what EXTRA things can you offer that are different to other people in your niche? It doesn’t have to be completely new idea. You can build your ideas from those already out there, but make it unique to you. Your unique selling point can be your brand (your story and message) and/or your offers (programs, courses, workshops etc.).

My unique selling point for my brand is that my unique story and my pure determination to get what I desire in my life no matter how challenging it may be. I’d like you to succeed and I only work with hard-working determined women!

My unique selling point for my signature program is a 90 Day Guaranteed Program and offers a guarantee to my clients that they will get their first or next client or I will coach them for free until they get one.


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If you want to stand out in the current market, you need to give more than others who are in the same niche. Damn right! This could be both free and paid offerings. You will be wasting your time if you are giving away the same free stuff as other people in your niche. You need to give MORE. Really try to provide added value to your clients if you’d like to stand out! I was told by one of the coach that I shouldn’t be offering free coaching sessions. I used to offer them when I was starting out but then I stopped. But I started offering free sessions again because I know people take away really great advice and that motivates them to take action. I love doing free sessions. If you are not a coach or consultant, another way to provide extra values to your potential clients is writing a great blog post that actually provides a step-by-step action steps or by creating a valuable free info product. I actually provide all of these in my business.


If nobody likes your services or products that means your services or products are crap! Learn from any feedback positive and negative and create a better product. This is one of the best takeaways from the event. I have worked with 3 different coaches and I have to be honest I was only 100% satisfied with one coach out of three. Many online courses and products offer 100% satisfaction but how about one-to-one coaching which is a higher in investment? This is why I created my 90 Day Guarantee Program because I wanted to offer that guarantee to my clients. I’d like to make sure that I am offering a premium service to my clients. If you haven’t heard about my new 90 Day Guarantee Program and would like to find out more, click here.


This is another great tip. Yesterday I signed up a lady for my 90 Day Guaranteed Program and she told me that it was a ‘no-brainer’. You need to create an offer that is so good that it makes it a no brainer for them to say YES!  For example, adding some great bonuses or provide a special discount it you sign up today (limited time offer).  


We all know this one. I often get a testimonial without asking for one. I truly believe that if you are providing a premium service, your clients will give you that testimonial before you ask for one.  That’s when you know you are providing a great service to your clients. I messaged the speaker from yesterday’s event to thank him and let him know that I enjoyed his talk. He didn’t ask for one. I just wanted to send him a message and ask a couple of questions, because I really enjoyed the event and it got me really excited for the future of my business.

Are you ready to position yourself as an expert and stand out in your niche?

I have a perfect worksheet for you to brainstorm your ideas and develop your unique selling point (USP). 

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Risa, I also want to hear from you with more online marketing & mindset tips plus the occasional special offer. I know I can unsubscribe anytime if I don't want them anymore!

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