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Drive Traffic to Your Website and Grow Your Online Profile!

So you’ve most likely read about content marketing and why it is important for your online business:

  • It established you as an expert and somebody to trust.

  • It pushes you to learn more about your business - building your personal knowledge.

  • It helps pull traffic to your website - with $0.00 on advertising!


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Online Marketing Tips: Where to Post your Content For Free:  Drive Traffic to your Website and Grow your Online Profile

Now you’ve spent ages creating an article that you are proud of and you are sure your potential client base will love and find useful.

So whats next?

It's not just good enough creating great content - you’ve got to get out there and promote it.

Read on to figure out the best channels and the best strategies for your business to post your content.

Where to post for greatest impact

Creating great content takes time, but so does promoting it. The question is where?

Publish on your website.

As an online business, your website is the centre of your universe. It is where you want your clients & potential clients to visit and revisit. The aim of most of your content will be to get them to visit your site, where you can capture their contact details, build the relationship or ideally make a sale.

When you create your content such as a blog, recipe, ‘How To’ Guide or podcast these should all be placed in a logical and easy to find place on your website. Make it super intuitive to use and navigate.  If your website doesn’t have a Search Box, think about adding one.

Remember to:

  • Add a Call to Action within your post - don’t waste the opportunity!

  • Include Social Share buttons on each post to make it easy for people to share via Facebook, Instagram etc.

  • Good relevant content will help your page rank better in Google, but remember to include some keywords in the post’s URL to give a helping hand!

Send direct to your mail list - Educate & Entertain

When you have created some great content make sure you share it with your mail list. Be careful not to bombard them with irrelevant information, but if you think that what you have created will either educate or entertain your mail list - send it out to them in full or with a link back to your website.

It's time to get Social!

Social media channels are one of the best ways of getting your content in front of a massive audience.

But before you start blasting it out on every social media site, take time to consider where your target audience are likely to be hanging out. Do a bit of research and see what your successful competitors are doing! I’m not a fan of copying - you want to stand out, but you will see if they are getting engagement or not and you can craft your own approach using this knowledge.

I recommend picking 2 - 3 sites and concentrating on doing these well. Personally I use Pinterest & Instagram, but you may be better focusing on some other sites (depending on what your research has turned up).

Here are some of the main Social Media options:

Instagram: Instagram is a visual sharing site where you can share images, video and content. This tends to be used for people's & business’s own content. It is good for engagement with existing clients & contacts but not so good for driving traffic to your website.

For auto-scheduling Instagram posts I use Planoly.   You can sign up for free if you are only scheduling 1 post a day. If you want to schedule more and want to schedule videos & GIFs, then I recommend signing up for a Solo Plan for $9/month. 

Pinterest:  Pinterest is also a visual sharing site, but is one of my favourites as it can help drive website traffic with links back to your site. This is where I concentrate sharing my blog posts & content.

Interestingly about 70% of Pinterest users are women, so if they are central to your target market this is a good place to be.

For automating Pinterest posts I use Tailwind.  Tailwind offers a range of features such as scheduling and looping multiple pins to your own and other group boards.  Tailwind also offers Browser Extension which you can easily create multiple posts from any sites and allows you to re-pin with one click.

You can also join the Tailwind Tribes in your niche and share relevant content and grow your reach faster.  

You can get started for free up to 100 pins and then $9.99/month (if signed up annually) with unlimited posts or $15.99/month for 400 pins a month on monthly plan.  

Facebook With Facebook there are a number of options. If you have your own business Facebook page or Group you can share your content here with your audience, with a link back to your website. This method tends not to have a very high hit rate as Facebook want you to pay for advertising and filters people's feeds, meaning that quite a low proportion of people are likely to see your post.  (If you do go down the advert route try and make sure you have a few ‘likes’ first as this will boost your success rate).

Alternatively you can share it on other Groups that you are a member of - just make sure it isn’t too spammy as this won’t win you any clients (or friends!).

Twitter: Twitter can be effective, but it can also be a massive time drain. Basically your tweets become old / unread news very quickly. If someone is following a number of people and doesn’t check their account very often you are unlikely to reach them as your post will have fallen so far down it will never be read! You then have to tread the line of regular posting a number of times a day - but repeating content will not make you popular.

Overall Twitter is probably fine for sharing content with your existing audience, but should not be relied upon to drive large amounts of traffic to your site on a consistent basis. Definitely one for the time rich!

You can use auto schedulers such as Hootsuite, SmarterQueue or Buffer.

LinkedIn: I don’t personally use LinkedIn, but that’s  just because of the niche I tend to work with. If you have a professional or business LinkedIn account then this can be a a great place to promote your content by publishing an article and sharing with your contacts.

SlideShareThis is a LinkedIn slide hosting service and is another way to get your content out there - you just need to convert it into a captivating Powerpoint or PDF slide show and then upload it. Make sure it has a great title - that will capture the attention and it also needs to be visually attractive - especially the cover image. Remember to use your keywords to help search engines find your slide show.  

Youtube: If you have video content, vlog or podcasts to share then Youtube is the place to be. Make sure that you include a call to action at the end - don’t leave you viewers hanging! Make sure your content is consistent in length & quality - so your viewers know what to expect. Again use you SEO keywords in the title & descriptions, including tags - and a link back to your website.

Get published on the Huffington Post

If you haven’t tried already give this a go - If you think you have something important and interesting to say why not pitch your idea and see how you go. This can be great for raising your profile.  You will need to write some original content but if your article gets promoted then the exposure can be worth it. Remember to include a link back to your website!

Here is the article on how to pitch to get published on Huffington Post

Also this is an article that I had published a while ago! 

Get published as a guest blogger

If you have a specialist industry website, blog or magazine related to you business - get in contact to see if they take guest writers. Pitch them some original or proactive ideas and see what you get back. Most websites are keen to keep their content fresh and relevant, so do be intimidated - nothing ventured nothing gained! (If you are lucky enough to get published then make sure you try and get a backlink to your website).

So I hope you found my whistle stop tour useful. I cannot stress enough that you don’t spread yourself too thinly. Focus on 2 - 3 platforms / strategies and do them well.

I know it's tough as you feel like you might be missing out on traffic generation opportunities - but just try and find where your potential clients hang out and zero in on these, give your strategy time to develop and give yourself time to write and deliver awesome content!

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To help you check your website is doing all it can to Attract & Convert clients and customer, I have created a checklist guide that you can download and carry out a simple and fast review of your own site, with handy guidance on how it could be improved and enhanced.



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